Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's Going on in Anna's World...

Anna is learning so much! It's amazing how much she knows sometimes. Last night we were reading the Grandma and Baby book (first time we've even looked at it in months and the first time I've just asked questions about the pictures) which shows pictures of Grandmas doing stuff with their grandchildren. On one page I turned and the Grandma was tying the baby's shoe. I said, "Anna, where's your shoe?" And she lifted her foot and pointed to her bare toes! LOL! I think she thinks her feet are shoes. Close enough. :)
Then on the next page, I turned and the granddaughter was brushing her grandma's hair. I said, "Anna, where's your hair?" She touched her head!
On another page I asked her to "brush her teeth" and mimic what the two on the page were doing. She smiled big and brushed her teeth with her finger!
Then yesterday I started to show her the sign for "milk" whenever I gave her her sippy (now she'll think that her sippy is "milk" but oh well) and today in the car she dropped her sippy cup and I turned around to see what the sound was and she was squeezing her little fingers into fists! It was just so adorable and amazing that she picked up on that so fast!
Her newest words are "cat", "dog", and "baby". We went to Fred Meyer the other day and she pointed to the cardboard cutout of a woman holding a cat and she pointed and said, "Tat!" I was surprised that even cutouts of pictures of animals she recognizes. She has also pointed to cartoons and actual cats and called them "Tats"!
Then we were at the bank yesterday and she pointed at a dog in a car and said, "Dah!"
And today we were at a cemetery sitting in the van while my MIL pointed out where her greatgrandparents were buried and I hear Anna saying "Baby!" I turn around and see what she's pointing out. Surely she was mistaken! We were all alone in the cemetery! Was she seeing ghosts or angels? I was freaked out for a second (lol) but then Teresa and I both realized that she was pointing at little statues of cherubs in the distance sitting on little stone benches about fifty yards off. I couldn't believe that she saw those little "babies" and recognized them as representing infants!
I know I'm crazy by being so amazed at how much she knows. I guess sometimes I expect her to hardly understand half of what I say, but as it turns out she knows so much more!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

She's one smart cookie!

Have you ever heard of Biz's Beat of the Day? (If you don't know what I am talking about look at this: ) Well Preston does those perfectly! I think I'm in trouble! I wish I could catch him on video doing it.

Sarah said...

That is so great! I love their little milestones...well they really aren't little, are they!

That is so fun! Great to blog it, too...keep it in your memory fresh!

Hey, check this out:
It is really cool! Ok, it is 1:30 AM here, and I have got to get my behind in bed! Morning comes early here...g'night! *hugs

Milk Mama said...

Awesome! I'll check out those sites in a few. I've got to go potty and Anna wants out of the high chair! LOL! :D
I love milestones, too. They're so fun to see. :D

Candi said...

I love seeing how much Lucas knows. It's amazing how fast they grow up!! I love asking him where different things are.