Friday, April 18, 2008

Review: Huggies Clean Team Products

I was contacted recently by M80 Parents Meta Blog to do a review of Huggies Clean Team Products. I received a box in the mail a few days ago and it contained moist flushable wipes, conditioning shampoo, and hand soap.

Anna was immediately enthralled with the hand soap. The hand soap has a cute purple hippo head on it that flashes with a red light for 20 seconds (the time needed for proper hand cleansing) when you push down on the pump. Anna loved this. Aside from the handy flasher (which I admit to using myself after going potty--hey, where else do you find a timer in the bathroom?), and the lovable purple Hippo named Henry, the scent is wonderful. It doesn't smell strong, but it is a light and sweet scent. As for the hand soap, did it deliver? Yes, it did. Did it do its job? Yes, it cleans hands for sure, and it goes beyond the regular soap expectations by adding a timer and a friendly character named Henry. Anything to add? You can also purchase a refill once you run out and hang onto the timer top! Of all of the products tested, this was my favorite and definitely one that I will purchase time and again!

The Huggies Clean Team Shampoo with its slithery mascot, Sammy, was next to be analyzed (ah, I sound so scientific!)... I used it first on my dear little darling Anna (later on the toddler I watch once a week). Bathtime is slippery business with a 16 month old who refuses to listen to the word, "Sit!" So on went the shampoo. Not that she has much hair, but I swear it's pretty long in the back! The bottle is not too large and its shape fit perfectly, even in my small hands! But trouble came when I couldn't get the darn cap to open--and SNAP--I actually broke the thing off! Eeek! Now, as for the shampoo, did it do its job? Yes, it did. Squeaky clean toddler hair all around. Was it easy to use? Easy to hold, not so easy to dispense. Maybe the cap was a little too hard to open and I don't know my own strength?(???) Anything to add? The yummy blueberry scent tempted me to use the shampoo, too!

Finally came the Flushable Moist Wipes with the cute pink flamingo named Freddy! Anna sits on the potty about once a week... sometimes she pees a little, sometimes she doesn't... nothing regular yet. The good news: with the flushable wipes I can just dump everything in the potty afterwards, which means no yucky wipes in the bin to smell! Yay! I also used the flushable wipes on my potty trained toddler friend whom I watch. With the #2 It took a few swipes more than I usually do, but with the convenience of a much cleaner bottom than with toilet paper and the added bonus of not needing to take poopy wipes out, I was very pleased. Did the wipes do their job? Yes, they did. Were they easy to use? Yes. I was very happy to see that when I reach for ONE wipe, I get just ONE wipe! There are rubber gripper thingies (erm, do they have a name?) that keep you from dispensing more than one! Why aren't these on other wipe containers? They're fantastic! Anything else to add? The Blue Melon Splash scent is such a nice change from other strange wipe smells!

Overall, I was very pleased with all of the products I tested. They all performed very well. They had nice scents (very important for me as it turns out), and extras which made use so much easier!

Huggies Clean Team Products also include the Disposable Washcloths, Bath Wash, Cleansing Cloths, and Detangler.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hi Sarah!
Glad to her about the Huggies Clean Team products that you liked them. When they came out in Canada My children were already to old to have The Huggies Clean Team. But for Anna shes at the right age for the potty, and fun bath time and washing of hands have fun playing with all the products
Hope you have a great day with Anna!

Genevieve Hinson said...

We just bought the flushable moist wipes for the first time. Still in the midst of potty training my youngest son :).

He loves the flamingo on the top. I don't know why but having the box there encourages him to use the big potty. That and stickers.