Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Am A Promise

[[photo deleted by author]]

On a Then Sings My Soul post recently, one of the mommy bloggers (Gosh, I can't remember who did it now...) posted this adorable little girl singing I Am A Promise. She is 3 years old and is so cute! Every time I play it, Anna sits really still and smiles and laughs and even "sings" along with it. My little girl is so cute! Who can resist a "singing" 17 month old? I can't. I put singing in quotes because she obviously isn't really singing... she says "Eeeeeee!" and even hits some of the notes which is pretty adorable.
Anyhow, here is that adorable video. I bet your little one will enjoy listening to it. Mine did! :)

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Sarah said...

She is such a dolly! I will have to show this to my kiddos!

I bet it is cute that Anna does that!

We play ring around the rosy, and Maddie LOVES it. So now she just starts going in circles and sings o-sey osey ah ah daw! And she falls. Adorable!