Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet JC Penney Sale!

Did anybody else take advantage of this sale? They had so many girls clothes (and boys clothes) there! Anna came away with at least 6 skirts, three or four onesies, 6 or more shirts, all for 1.97 each! Score!!! And all were so adorable!

I got two bras, 5.00 each. Boy do I feel busty in those things, though, lol. They have quite a bit of padding. I think they make me at least a B-Cup. hahaha!

DH got a shirt. It looks very nice on him.

Let me tell you, this is the way to dress your kids... wait for the awesome sales. Target is always having sales on their clothing as well (usually on Mondays and especially after big holidays). All of Anna's shoes have been bought there on sale for 2.78 a pair.

Anyhow, had to share the love...

Thank you, JC Penney!!!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

JC Penny's has some awesome sales sometimes! One year I bought Gabi all of her winter clothes there and only spent like $78. It was crazy! I found like $5 Jeans!

Hey have you been entering all of the contests at ? There are 100's of them!

Lisa & Gerald said...

I love JC Penney too !
I think I better visit the States soon!
I love Sales!

Paula said...

I went there yesterday and they didnt have much for us but sears had an extra 40% off there already marked items so you know I went and got my DS some 12 months stuff! I am a JC fan but the mall here they just dont do good sale in that store.

By the way targot you hve given me so many deals there from posting links and that Ive got the kids school shoes for 3.45 each your the bomb girl in getting deals.