Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Blogging Slump

I'm so sorry I haven't been a very diligent blogger lately. Life has been very uneventful, but that's not always a bad thing. It's actually a nice thing. After the events of the past year, it's quite nice to have nothing good and nothing bad going on. Just normal, regular, daily events.

Maybe I should share what goes on in a regular day?

Lately, this is our day:

8:00 AM, Anna wakes up and is rearing to go! Yikes! She's an early bird... so unlike her mother!

9:00 AM, Breakfast. Mommy checks email and other computer junk...

10:00 AM, cartoons... Anna likes Little Einsteins. I feel virtuous being able to get her to watch more educational programs (as opposed to Spongebob, Spongebob, and more Spongebob... I can now mix in Little Einsteins and Backyardigans... this is good)

11:00 AM... still nothing wonderful going on. It's too darn hot to go out. We'll burn & roast. 2 year old + Lobsterlike sunburn = Bad Day. I decide to stay indoors and live an unexciting life.

12:00 PM... Lunch... Nothing fancy... Sandwiches, usually, milk, fruit...

1:00 PM...Mommy reads. I've been reading Kathy Reichs novels lately. Very interesting and quite a step outside of my norm. It was a good step. Yay me!

2:00 PM... still nothing wonderful going on... what do I do with my day???

3:00 PM... Daddy wakes up, he works until 6 in the morning and comes home around 7, so he's a very late riser. Anna plays with daddy, clings to his legs, calls his names... general awe and wonder.

4:00 PM... still nothing wonderful. Maybe a trip to the nearby jungle gym.

5:00 PM... Dinnertime...

6:00 PM... I have honestly no idea... my days just flash by nowadays. Mostly Anna plays, climbs, gets in trouble. She's a monkey. She does quite a lot of climbing and I do quite a lot of refereeing.

7:00 PM... Computer time?

8:00 PM... Play time?

9:00 PM... Anna's out like a light.

There's my exciting life. Now you know why I have nothing to blog about lately. Maybe I'll also mention that my hubby applied for a security position (he's a security officer) on the coast. We're praying that he gets it. He's qualified for it. If he gets it, then that'll mean a 7-10 dollar raise and a move to a much less expensive city. Not to mention we'll be on the coast.... a dream!


Leah said...

8:00 is early?!? Good thing you don't live in my house, ha ha (just teasing). Glad to hear that your days are relatively uneventful. My hubby works strange hours too, I know that can be tough! Good luck on the job opportunity, I pray that you all will get it if it is God's will. Keep us updated!

Jenn said...

8:00 am are you kidding me? Brody is always up between 4-6 and playing withing seconds of getting a dry bum!

Candi said...

Ha, 8 is early to me, too! I completely understand the lack of blogging. I'm in a bit of a slump myself!