Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on Sara

Please continue to pray for Sara's family. Sara is now doing very well. She is home and healthy, cooing, babbling, moving. Praise God!
However, today Sara's mom, Jessica, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Please keep them in prayer. Their family is trying to come up with the fifty thousand dollars for her bail.
It's really sad. Although I don't understand how this tragedy could have happened, that doesn't mean that it wasn't an honest mistake. This is a very good family. It's really just a tragedy. Let's pray the charges can be dropped and Jessica can go home to her four children.


Violet said...

I guess they are just trying to do their job and seek justice somewhere. People can't understand how something like this can be an "accident" they want reasons and explanations, they want to blame someone. Ugh. I'm glad I'm not one of the people who has to decide what should be done. I wonder what made them decide to arrest the MOM if both parents technically left her behind. How can they blame one parent over the other? How is that fair? As if she wasn't feeling bad enough, now she has the law telling her it's more her fault than anyone's? Sorry, just ranting on her behalf....


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh my goodness this makes me so sad for her. I can't imagine how devastated she must feel!!! Is there any way we can donate money to them? I'd like to help... even if it's not much.

Tonya said...

Hey there, Girlfriend!

I know, it's been FOREVER since I've left a comment. (I'm SO SORRY)I've been out of blogland for way too long. Posting sometimes, but not keeping up with my friends.

Now about this little girl, Sara, I'm going to have to go back through your posting history and see what happened. It sounds tragic. I'll be remembering the family in my prayers.

Now, as for your little sweetie, my, she gets prettier every time I see her! SO SWEET!

Take care.. Love you!

Tiffany said...

It is great news about Sarah, but I will be in prayer for her mom.