Monday, November 24, 2008

Anna's 2 Year Appointemtent Shocked Me!

Why did it surprise me? Because Anna is 36 Inches Tall... meaning she is in the 94th Percentile!!! Can you believe that? At her 18 Month appt. she was only in the 65th, so I thought she would slow down and be about in the 60th by her 2 yr appointment (I'm only 5 foot 1 and Paul is 5 foot 10). NOPE. She's still growing and I'm beginning to believe that she inherited the P-------n Height Gene. (Come to think of it, my Aunt Susie is pretty tall... And Aunt Shirleen, too.... and my uncles were/are all over 6 feet.... maybe it's a combo of my genes and hers?) Enough rambling.
She is 27 pounds and a few ounces, making her in the 65th for weight. Her head circumference was 80th percentile.
I'm still shocked that she's so tall... I mean, I could see it when she was around other two and three year olds, but... I guess I never thought she was above the 60th percentile. I'm.... shocked. What's a synonym for that so I don't sound redundant? Amazed. I'm amazed.


Lisa & Gerald said...


Leslie said...

Wow she is pretty tall for 18months!!!!! Hmmm maybe some Basketball in her future? LOL

Have a blessed holiday,leslie

Sarah said...

She is a tall girl! Growing well! I love those well child checks!

Hope all is well with you! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving!?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You just reminded me that I need to make Preston's 2 year appointment! She is tall! I wonder where Preston is now!