Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Party

Tonight is the Smith Family Christmas Party (That's Paul's mom's side of the family). It was postponed due to the snow. Which is almost completely melted off now. Outside it's raining. I actually missed the rain. The snow was such a hassle. But now, of course, there is so much slush and water in the parking lot. It soaks my shoes within a few seconds. I have no idea why the property management never cleared out the parking lot. Now it's such a mess!

Anna will get to see her cousins, which will be nice. One is a six month old (or so) little girl, the other is a little boy just about six months younger than Anna herself. Then there's a ten year old little girl that Anna followed around last year. I'm sure they'll be inseparable this year.

I'll update. Apparently we're leaving at noon and I haven't even had a shower yet!