Sunday, December 21, 2008


(Anna in the snow earlier this week.)

(Last Sunday. This Sunday it's too deep to go out.)

(Anna crawled up to her napping Daddy and fell asleep like this with him! So cute!)

It snowed 11 inches yesterday! And if that doesn't sound amazing to you, well it is. It's a big deal. It almost never snows in Oregon--in the valleys, that is-- and when it does, it almost immediately melts off. So, yesterday it snowed and snowed and SNOWED. And before nightfall it began to RAIN. So when I look outside right now, it's a winter wonderland, but all of the snow is basically frozen into a thick sheet of ice on the top 2 inches. It's insane. At a round 2 AM this morning, I went outside and ran around like I was a kid. It was fantastic. (Just don't tell anyone.) You take a step, and it breaks, step, break, step, break. It was good. Good times... good times. Paul thought I was nuts. But it really was a lot of fun.

Today, though, Anna woke up at 9 and then just laid in Paul's arms all morning and now she's STILL asleep at 2 PM. I'm thinking that she's not feeling well.

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That is so adorable the way she fell asleep on him! Sounds like your area gets snow like our area does. We usually only get a dusting or not even enough to cover the ground or it will usually melt the moment it hits the ground. Last winter, we had one time that we got 12 inches! I couldn't believe it! So I understand your excitement! I hope your mom is doing well.