Monday, December 29, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping

Today my sister Jen and I looked at wedding dresses. I was really excited that she was able to try on a dress this time. When we went to David's Bridal, they didn't carry any dresses her size. They had her dress at this shop. The very one she wanted. It was a 24W and I was almost sad that it would be too small, but it fit perfectly! I was so happy. She looked gorgeous in it, too. It was the perfect dress and the veil had a red ribbon around the edges. She looked so gorgeous! It was so much fun!!! I only sent two pictures from her cell phone to my email because my email is so disturbingly annoyingly long, so these are the two I sent to my email.

You can click them and they'll enlarge slightly. But not too much.


swallow said...

good post,support it!

Kortney said...

Wow! Jen's getting married? Please pass on my congratulations! I'm so happy for her and so glad she found HER dress!