Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favorite Picture of 2008

From Violet's Blog, I got this idea, to post my favorite picture of 2008. In that time period, Anna was 13 months-25 months. So much has changed!!! I can't believe it!

So, without further ado...I love this photograph. We all went to the park and the sun was setting behind her and she just grinned. I can never get enough of that grin. Sometimes it's very hard to be a parent--financially, emotionally... but we wouldn't trade it for the world. Our lives are just that much more full and perfect having her in our lives. She's so full of energy and life. She's so loving--so, so loving. She loves without question. I can't imagine going through life without her.

I'm off to go give her a kiss!!! ♥


Violet said...

It's a very cute picture of Anna! I actually got it from "kiss the frog for me" and her Favorite photo friday blog carnival. That was this weeks theme. Picking ONE photo was SOOOO hard!

Thanks for the sweet shout out Sarah. It's funny, blog world has really made us friends, even though we knew each other before.... I think without blogger, we might just have led our separate lives.

I LOVE buying kids clothes, I wish I could do more but, I'm so glad you are blessed. Just let me know when you are back in Wa.!

And I'm praying for your MOm as well. Funny, everyone is talking about having a BETTER year this year, I already know that at least the first half with not be better. Its a rough time, and to be honest, spiritually, I"m not at my best either. I'm working hard on that too, only HE will get me through. WHile I'm SO sorry to hear about your Moms health, I'm glad to know you understand as well. I feel a lot like in that I'm the only "Stable" one in my family....

Prayers are with you!

Candi said...

That is a great picture of Anna! She is seriously one cute little girl!

Lisa & Gerald said...

So so sweet!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh I can see why that's your favorite! And best wishes on the move, too!