Thursday, January 1, 2009

Growing Again!!!

She's growing again! And getting sooooooo tall! Now her feet go OVER the lip of her high chair! Anna is fitting into those 3T dresses just fine. the length of the arms is perfect! All of her 24 month clothing is TOO SHORT. *sweats* Hopefully we'll find more awesome sales at Target and get more dresses! I'd say she's fully and definitely wearing 2t/3t clothing and 24 month things will have to be put aside!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh I bet she looks so cute!

Candi said...

Funny that you posted her size of clothes. Someone had given me a bag of clothes and there were two girl items in it. I've been hanging onto them not knowing who to give them to, as everyone I could think of has outgrown them. Anyway, I have a dress and one pair of jeans (I'm pretty sure they are both 3T). I'd love to send them to you if you e-mail me your address.