Friday, January 2, 2009


We're officially and positively moving to Washington within the next couple of weeks. Paul will be starting school again. I'll be taking a couple of courses myself, but mostly caring for Anna. It will be different and exciting. I was nervous and didn't want to say anything until this point, but today we talked to Financial Aid and my fears were relieved. Wish us luck!!!

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Violet said...

oooo...I'm excited. We need to make plans once you get all settled. I usually babysitt on Fridays. Maybe I can even bring my Nephew. Anna would probably be bored with him because he doesn't walk yet but, at least I can show him off!

I'm still wanting to get Anna a little something. Do you need tights/socks etc. what else do you really need? I want to get her a dress b/c I know you love putting her in dresses.

I also asked some of the families I babysitt for (higher end families in Kirkland) who have 3/4 years olds if they had any nice left over size 2T 3T clothes as well. I know some of them have clothes their kids never even wore, so hopefully I can get her a few cute things that way as well.