Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our New Place!

The weather and roads were never trouble for us. We moved on the date we wanted. :D We are now in our new place! It's great! I feel like we're in a mansion, although it's a 2 br/ 2b place. It's perfect. Anna has her own room and bathroom and we have one of our own. I'm so excited. I spent today decorating Anna's bedroom! I hope she catches on to sleeping in her own room quickly and easily... although, I've learned that nothing is easy with Anna. The only thing that went remotely smooth was breastfeeding with her lol! Go figure! Everything else has been a struggle... sleeping through the night, for one!

Anyhow, I hope to post pics soon! I don't have my BIL's great camera to take pics with, so they'll be low quality, but you'll get the idea. It'll probably take all week for us to get everything unpacked and cleared out.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh yes I do have a real bad eye my left its very weak

Margie G. said...

Looking forward to seeing the new place!