Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Pooping Incident

The pooping incident shall go down in history... At least for the next week.
Today Anna went poop in her underwear... a daily occurrence, unfortunately. But with time I hope that'll change. The thing is, she was squatting and grunting, so I asked her if she was pooping. Her reply? "No, mama." (That's her reply to EVERYTHING.) So I took her to the bathroom where she continued to squat and grunt next to the door and she pushed on the door and closed it. I figured she wanted privacy. I read somewhere about that being a sign of potty-training readiness... the need for privacy. Anyhow, so I let her close me out of the bathroom so she could squat and grunt and poop in her panties. Then she locked the door. And locked me out. Argh! Luckily, I could open the door with a knife inserted into the lock--very lucky me. By the time I got the door open, Anna had taken her baby shampoo and had squirted the yellow gunk all over. The bathroom stank of poo and she had the log in her panties. Yuck.
Lately she's been telling me she doesn't want to go pee-pee in the potty and she throws a tantrum sometimes when I take her into the potty (especially first thing in the morning, that pee-pee is the worst for her). So, I've discovered that I'm probably encouraging her to pee in her underwear so often by bathing her when she does. She loves baths (which is a good thing), except for the fact that she must think it's a treat to go pee in her underwear and get a bath. So, I've been breaking out the showers. Hopefully that'll stem the peeing-in-the-panties scenarios.


Kortney said...

LOL. Unfortunate, but funny. This one will be a good story to remind her of one day. :) If you want a REAL good poop story, check out this one of my sister's. It'll make you squeel with laughter and disgust!

Sarah said...

That does not sound like fun! I hope her training takes flight for you and she gets the hang of it quickly~ growing up so quick!

Lisa & Gerald said...

This may also help you too let her feel what its like to feel wet and to be dirty I think she may need that Believe me it works! Next time ask her how it feels to be wet or dirty , I think you will see a lot of changes in the potty training!

Candi said...

Good luck! I haven't even begun to train Lucas. Logan was such a pain that I'm dragging my feet with Lucas.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh no!! I bet you freaked out when you realized it was locked!