Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anna Pretending & Two Under Three

A couple of thoughts for today...

Anna Pretending

Anna has been so cute pretending that she's a dog. She goes around crawling and barking, "Arf! Arf!" and sticking her tongue out--I have no idea where she learned it, but it's so adorable. Last night I filled a little bowl with water because she kept pointing and saying, "Waderrrr" and pretending she was a dog. Once I gave her the water, she lapped at it--It was so hilariously cute!

Two Under Three

We've begun watching a little boy who's six months old named Jaden. He's really cute and relatively immobile. He doesn't crawl and he doesn't cry much, either. He doesn't even sit up very well--but it's incredible how exhausting it is to have two little ones--splitting your attention between the two of them, trying not to make Anna envious-- It really is difficult. I wonder how mothers of more than one do it--I'm sure you adjust, sure. But it really is not easy. I'm tired. Can't wait for the weekend!

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Sarah said...

That is so cute that she is acting like a puppy! And you giving her water to lap up~ adorable! Yes, it is exhausting to have more than one child, but you are adjust and it is so much joy!