Monday, April 20, 2009


Since I really don't have too much to say, maybe this will end up being a photo blog lol. XD Well... what can I say? Besdies the fact that it's four in the morning and I can't sleep. I tore a muscle, dislocated a rib, or broke a rib, so it's very hard to find a comfortable position. Anyhow, Anna is getting so tall! It's kind of crazy. She was as tall as a 3 year old that we met at a birthday party this weekend. We're officially outing the 2T clothing. Thankfully 3T/4T summer clothing is quite cheap. So we bought a ton of short outfits on sale at Target. 2.80 a per piece! What a deal. What a blessing! And Target's clothing is always so cute! She's always talking and says the most hilarious things... such as, when Paul is flirting with me Anna will say, "Daddy, what are you doing to mommy?" hahaha She's quite the chatter, risk-taker, and monkey. And such a girly girl, too! Enjoy the photos. Some are of Anna playing with a bubble blower wand we bought for her and others are of Anna at a birthday party this weekend.

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Sarah said...

I love it, Sarah! Fun to hear about Anna! Her hair is getting longer! She is a doll!
I love the photos! You have a super camera, too~~ very nice pics!

How did you get so beat up? Are you OK??