Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anna... Tomboy or Girlie-Girl?

This is the great debate when we theorize about big-girl Anna Daisy.

Evidence for Girlie-Girlism:
Anna loves to wear dresses and sandals.
She loves to have her hair fixed and loves to look in the mirror to check the results.
She kisses her reflection.
She doesn't like to get dirty.
She takes three or four baths a day (good thing we don't pay for water!)
She usually has me wash her hands several times throughout a meal. Hahaha.

Evidence for Tomboyism:
She never stops climbing.
She's not afraid of heights.
She never stops running.
She can roll with the big boys.
When she plays, I often notice her playing with the boys instead of the girls. Maybe because girls are too scared of falling or getting hurt? I don't know. But she usually plays with the boys. Yesterday we let her run around the McDonald's Playplace. She and two big boys... one that was about four and the other who was about seven were playing in the slide. They would CLIMB to the top of the tube-slide, then all tumble to the bottom. It took everything in me to not save her from impending disaster. Good thing I didn't b/c she was never hurt. She had a great time and was pink-cheeked and hot at the end of those two hours.

Maybe she'll be a wonderful combination. Physically adept, yet loves girly things. That would make daddy happy and mommy. xD ehehhee


Kortney said...

I think it's too early to tell. And I think that if she kisses her reflection, she's probably a girl. :)

Paul said...

Haha. I know it's way too early. We just like to theorize. :D

Paul said...

Woops that's me...Sarah.