Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Day

Today we went to the 'beach'--Lake Washington's beach. :)

How much has changed since her first trip to the beach two years ago! Of course in the photos from when she was seven months old it was the OCEAN beach and not the beach of Lake Washington, but I think that Anna doesn't know the difference quite yet. :) A beach is a beach. (We're going to visit the ocean again in a few weeks!) =D

Hi mommy!






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Angela said...

Oh how adorable! I love those chubby legs. Looks like she had a lot of fun at the beach this time. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Chubilious!!! Love those legs!!!

Anonymous said...

How adorable is she!! I love her chubby rolls, I mean legs. The beach looks like fun.

Candi said...

Looks like she had a ton of fun! Great pictures!

Rhonda said...

What great pictures. So adorable and love those kissable cheeks. What a lot of fun. Happy weekend. Rhonda

The Flores Family(Maria, Jose and Jose Luis) said...

Very nice pictures of your baby!