Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayers for Peace

Another thing that I haven't mentioned yet... While I was away from this blog, something terrible happened. My sister's husband beat her up and threw away everything she owned. He wasn't arrested or anything because she hit him back. I don't know what kind of logic that is. Then after he beat her up, he degraded her in front of her children.

Thankfully he hasn't shown his face since. But he hasn't stopped being so terrible. He was telling their daughter lies about how my sister was sleeping with men. Who tells a seven year old that?! Forget the fact that it's a lie. It's disgusting, putting those thoughts in a child's head.

She was able to get her job back after the incident. I assume that when she said that, that it meant that he had (once again) gotten her to quit a job. He was so paranoid about her talking to people and wanted her to quit the last time I saw them. Now she's in her own apartment. There's a police officer who lives a few apartments over.

The oldest boy is so angry. He's so verbally abusive to my mom. He even admits that it's because she can't do anything so he wants her to know how much he hates her. Please pray for peace in his little heart and mind. I see so much of my brother in him (my brother who committed suicide in December '06). It really scares me. This anger. This hatred. This fear. I wouldn't want that same fate for my nephew.

I guess that's partially why I disappeared for so long. I just haven't felt like myself for so long. My brother died in such a terrible way. Everyone was effected. Both of my sisters and my mom were on antidepressants, my brother's wife won't let us have contact with his child, and now this. And my mom was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Renal Failure. (PS she has a kidney surgery being scheduled... not sure of the date yet.)

Peace. Peace in our family. I pray for peace.