Friday, June 5, 2009

Amazing Blog

I came across the blog of Faith Hope. She was born with anencephaly, which basically means she was born without a brain. They told her mom, Myah, that she would live for only seconds after she was born and gave her a very bleak outlook. I mean, she didn't even have a brain. Why expect life? When Faith was born, she thrived! She cooed, she moved, she breathed, she ate. She LIVED! She lived for thirteen and a half weeks and didn't die from anencephaly, but from a stomach ulcer. Wow. I just love it when I read about miracles! :) You can read about Faith Hope HERE.


Rhonda said...

We are all so fortunate to have many miracles and blessings in our lives and what a special time for this amazing little angel. Happy weekend. Rhonda

Kortney said...

Wow. What a beautiful story!