Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Pics

I spend a lot of time taking pictures of her curls! hehehe :)

These are in reverse order. We're LEAVING the beach in this photo ^ and she didn't want to leave! :(

Jumping in the air!


Self explanatory sand graffiti!

Sand! :)

I love this photo!

She only liked the s'mores if she dissected it. She didn't quite grasp the concept. Some day... some day! :)

Daddy and the fire! Gosh, he's cute! :)

Mmmmm S'MORES!

We camped on the Oregon beach. It was very chilly, very uncomfortable, but I think it was fun, too. :) We just barely missed the rain. It rained the day before we arrived and the day after. Go figure! Anna didn't quite care for camping. She woke up at around 11 crying and asking to go bye-bye car. Poor thing. :( Anna and I ran along the trails--literally and all three of us watched a presentation on gray whales. Very interesting animals. Anna fell asleep half-way through in our arms. We were so exhausted. I fell straight to sleep, but Paul didn't because his head was hurting from laying on the ground (Note to self: set up appt. with the doctor for Paul!!!!) We woke up cold and miserable, but I think that if we had more stuff to keep us less miserable (i.e. air mattress) that it would've been better. Maybe next year? :)
More pictures to come: Swimming, Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Messes! haha :)


Rhonda said...

LOVE those curls!!!!

Violet said...

I just LOVE camping but, it can be miserable when the weather isn't really nice. Anna will learn to love it, I am sure!!! We use air mattresses but, sometimes I just lay down an extra sleeping bag under me for a little padding. Investing in a thick, very nice sleeping bag is SO worth it!