Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I created my own face mask. I've given up on store-bought face washes and such. They always make me break out. Even hypoallergenic face masks/face washes/face scrubs/etc. I've discovered that the main ingredients are avocado, honey, some sort of oil (almond oil, olive oil, etc.), egg whites, and oatmeal. So it really isn't too complicated. I just have to find out which ones work for me. I may have to buy some almond oil or other essential oil, but it isn't necessary since I have olive oil here at home. :) I'm excited to start experimenting. :)

We went to the mall today. It was great. Usually we drive around forever trying to find a spot, but we found one immediately (several, actually) right next to the entrance. We were confused at first. It's never that empty. It must have been the day of the week and the time of the day or something. But it was so nice! We stayed for three and a half hours. We didn't even notice time passing like it did.

Tomorrow I want to take pictures of Anna outside. I keep saying that, but it's been so hot! Maybe I should try it in the evening when it's cooler.


Lisa & Gerald said...

It's nice when the malls are empty..

Angela said...

What did you put in your mask? I love empty malls too, it's kind of relaxing. :)