Friday, July 17, 2009


I finally talked to a counselor at the school and I've decided to finish out my education degree. I've got only 36 more credits until graduation! That will mean around 3 semesters to go. I will finish with an education major, but when I get my MA (teachers must get an MA anyway) I will get an Educational Psych MA which will allow me to work as a school counselor, something I've thought about off and on since I've had Anna but thought it would take much more schooling. I think this is a great plan and I'm feeling much more confident about all of this. My classes begin in August and I'll be holding down a full load again--for the first time since Anna was an itty bitty infant and just slept all of the time!

I don't know if I mentioned Paul's migraines on here, but he did have an MRI at last and everything is normal. So, that means that he'll have to see a regular doctor to get the rest of the tests... a friend of ours had issues with vitamin deficiencies that caused migraines, etc. So hopefully it's easily remedied. I hate seeing him in pain so much and when he is having a bad day (which happens more often than not) it turns him into a horrendous GRUMP. :-/ So hopefully that goes well!


Lisa & Gerald said...

best of lck to you...

Rhonda said...

What a great plan and wishing you much happiness and successful. Good for you in going back and finishing up.

Rhonda said...

Glad to hear the MRI was normal. Hope you find it's an easy fix too.

Candi said...

Sounds like a good plan1 Good luck.

Glad to hear that the MRI came back normal, but I hope he can find some relief soon.

Violet said...

I get migraines a lot too.

Things that have helped me:

making sure I get enough sleep.

No caffiene. At All.

Don't let myself get overheated.
Exercise regularly, especially with stretching.

Making sure I don't let my blood sugar drop too low! (So, eating healthy snacks inbetween meals, or eating small meals every 3 hrs. instead of 3 big meals, keeps my sugar at a normal level all day).

Try to avoid getting over heated.


To much dairy

Being in a load place/ loud noises, especially over a long period of time can cause one for me, So can stress or getting emotionally worked up (excited, sad, scared... just overly worked up)

I know everyone's triggers are different but, maybe some of our triggers are the same! It took me a long time to figure out what all causes mine.