Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Photo & Stuff

This photo was taken just a few days ago with our kick-a camera. I love it. :)
School starts on the 31st for Paul and me. Anna, it seems, will have to attend some classes with us. I have some classes with some profs that I'm not too pleased with--don't even get me started--so I have my stomach all in a knot about that. :/
Anna and I have taken to watching the NU soccer team that practices behind our apartment complex. Anna loves the soccer balls. She loves cheering for the young ladies saying, "Doe, Ball! Do!" But did I mention how it's at least 120 degrees on that faux field? Beneath the turf is mulched rubber, which attracts the sun's heat like nobody's business. It's H-O-T! But Anna seems to enjoy it, so I think we'll go for a third day of observing as their 'number one little fan' & mother.
This weekend we are hoping to go to a family reunion. My mom is planning on picking us up, but I really am not sure if she can even find us! She's terrible with directions!
Now... I'm off to comment on some blogs. :)


Lisa & Gerald said...

Awww you guy's look so cute....A sweet family for sure...

Margie G. said...

What a great family photo! We just had some done on the beach but I am not too happy w/how I am looking, haha.