Saturday, September 5, 2009

School is Hectic

I'm a senior this year... and I'm already discovering that I'm losing my mind. I've broken down into tears twice this week... I'm overwhelmed and I just hope that I can make it to the end of this semester with my sanity in tact.

Anna is old enough for preschool now and we're hoping she can get in next semester. I hate the idea of putting her in 'daycare'. I hope that she can learn and have fun in a preschool setting. I think she'd love it. She's so social and bright. She turns three in November... NOVEMBER. Can you believe it's so close? I can't. My baby girl! A preschooler!!!

Now, I have a four day weekend and I'm going to spend it wisely... get away from this computer, get dressed... go out and play with Anna because she's LITERALLY climbing all over me as we speak and I think it's a sign that I should spend time with her.



Rhonda said...

YOU can make it without a doubt. You are a smart and strong mommy. I soooo know how you feel about the "preschool", my youngest is turning 3 in 9 days and my other daughter FIVE in November!! YIKES......

I wanted to know that I so love reading your blog and for the strong and creative woman that you are, I awarded you the "Kreativ" award. Please check out my blog for the details :-)
Hugs, Rhonda

Sarah said...

Yes, time does fly! I can't believe how fast, either!

I am sorry that you are having a hard time with school. I can imagine it is tough being a FT mom (always) and doing school. Keep it up~ you are strong, and determined! You can do it!

I bet Anna will love preschool. :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

you can do it girl..If that's what you want then do it..Best of luck thinking of you..Hugs

Candi said...

I bet you will do just fine in school and I bet Anna would love preschool. I think most kids is just us mommas who typically have the issues. It is hard to realize our babies are growing up. Speaking of oldest turns 7 in 2 weeks! Now, I can't believe that!!