Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pictures: Anna & Family

My sister's kids. The oldest boy is Tell. He's autistic and didn't like the attention from the photographer and the lights. Poor kid. He's going to be 14 in January! That makes me feel old! The next oldest boy is Cade. He's a bit of a monster, but I love him like you wouldn't believe. :)
Alayna is a love bug. She has attitude issues, but I always want to kidnap her and keep her as my own lol. Anna loves her and asks for her constantly when we're in Oregon.
Case is the youngest boy. He's a sweetheart and a cuddlebug. We cuddled for a while when we visited them yesterday. :)

Anna a few days after her 3rd Birthday! She's my dollbaby... my Shirley Temple! :)