Sunday, January 3, 2010


I switch between feeling really depressed about these kids and feeling hopeful for them. People are realizing this atrocity is going on and they're starting to do something... I hope! It's just heartbreaking and I tend to let things like this really REALLY get to me, especially now that I'm a mommy. Ugh.

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Kortney said...

Thanks for posting this Sara. It's so sad what these children go through. They are all probably so scared and confused all the time because of the neglect and in pain because of their inactivity. I think it's wonderful that you want to adopt from RR. I've looked at their website a few times since you started posting about them and I really wish I could adopt from them too. They seem like such a lovely organization. I love that they are actively trying to get kids adopted--to save lives!--and helping people come up with money to do it. I hope you get your chance to bring home a little angel one day. :)