Monday, August 2, 2010

More on Running

So, I'm still running. I try to run 4 times a week. My workout partner unfortunately hurt her leg, so now I'm doing it by my lonesome in the school's gym four times a week after my hubby gets home. I know it's slowing my progress. The day she got hurt, we ran for 2.4 miles and it felt great! Now it's hard to do 1 mile. BUT I am now running that 1 mile without stops and quite quickly, too. I've upped the speed on the treadmill to 6.0 (whatever that means) and up to 6.8 (steps per second maybe?). Anyhow I've also added weight training to my repertoire. I'm doing some weight lifting and leg... lifting? I'm really proud of myself for sticking it out for so long. I haven't stuck any exercise regime out since high school. I can tell a difference in my body, too. My abs are tighter. That little pooch under my belly button is almost gone (there wasn't much to begin with, but IT'S NEARLY GONE!) and my thighs and hips (where I gain and hold my weight) are slimmer, which is the very part of my body I've always wanted to tone. That alone makes me feel great. I'm wearing my spandex jogging pants and spandex tank top quite proudly and not feeling ashamed of my butt at all. :) Still needs some work, but I'm feeling confident! I'm also hoping it helps with stress management in the coming (and hectic!) semester. :)

9 months until graduation...!

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Carlson Family said...

Great job! Running used to be my favorite thing until I got out of shape!