Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PRESCHOOL! And Stuff...

A few items of business:

1. Anna starts preschool on Thursday! It's something new and exciting. I think she'll love it. She's so social and doesn't have a lot of playmates at home (for obvious reasons... only child). Tomorrow we have an orientation thing at the school. That should be a fun taste of preschool life for Ms. Anna!

2. Paul and I have started our last fall semester of our undergrad careers! It's... stressful! One week in and we've argued at least once, if not more (we almost never argue... unless stressed). *sigh* We're stressed and professors, so it seems, tend to be cruel and unusual when it comes to dealing out tests and reading and quizzes and papers and EXPERIMENTS (!?!?) to seniors. *head throbs* I just have to keep saying this will all be worth it in May when we finally walk!

3. My mom has been hanging with us for this semester and she's been such a help! I love her a lot. I'm not sure if I'll get to do anything but read psychology text books and stress between now and December, so... au revoir!