Friday, June 10, 2011

20 Weeks: Some Ultrasound Pictures!

Proof that he's a boy...

My sweet little Charlie... it's so good to finally meet you. :)

I'll post a couple (but not all) of the ultrasound pictures of Charlie. I must mention too, before I forget it - Charlie was trying to suck on his fingers toward the end - he failed, though. Then he tried to suck on his toes! So cute!!! Cuteness overload. :)
Also, he had a full bladder and was already practicing drinking. He weighs 12 oz and is measuring 20 weeks 4 days. Let's hope that means he's planning on coming 4 days early. ;) Everything looks great! He's a healthy boy and I'm a proud mama! Paul came up to me today and rubbed my tummy and talked to Charlie... awww... I have a great Anna story in the below writings. I have such a wonderful family!

How far along? 20 Weeks 1 Day (today)
Weight: 131 pounds, as of yesterday.
Wardrobe? All maternity, baby... except for the shirt I'm wearing at the moment... But honestly, it isn't too good-looking on me. ;)
Stretch marks? Same ol'.
Sleep? Restful... Not too shabby, I guess.
Best Anna/Baby moment this week? Anna has been saying that she wants a baby sister and that she doesn't like baby brothers, but today she came off the bus wanting to see the DVD of Charlie's ultrasound, saying she wanted to see him wave at her again... she tried to show the video a little toy, but I had to explain it was just a movie. Anyway, she sat back and said, "I like baby boys!" I'm glad she feels that way, because we won't be trading him any time soon! ;)
Belly button in or out? Innie. It's getting shallower...
Movement? My cervix sure is getting kicked a lot these days...
Nausea: Feelin' good!
Symptoms: BH contractions, big boobs, big tummy, tired (!!!), dealing with an unusually unseasonal cold... Oh, the usual pregnancy complaints. :)