Monday, April 16, 2012


I think it's important to always reevaluate, look critically and dissect our lives. No, I don't mean giving ourselves a guilt trip - after all, God is a god of Forgiveness - but to not get too complacent. I've sadly seen a lot of friends go from this amazing place in their lives with God - I've been jealous of these people. I've looked up to them as if they were on a spiritual pedestal. How could they be so close to God that all of these amazing things are happening to them and not me? They saw visions. They spoke tongues. They knew God in a way I felt I did not. And then... it all crumbled. God was last on their list. Things they felt were suddenly more important - relationships or money or travel or earthly experiences - were number one on their list, not God. Not Him. Watching that happen to these friends has been so painful. I can only pray they go back to this amazing place with God. I've been complacent, too, at times. But now, I know better than to be jealous. No matter how high the pedestal, they can fall off just as easily - perhaps more easily. (Look at Biblical David!) I don't want to be that person. So, if I reevaluate, look critically and dissect every once in a while, maybe I won't fall either. After all, what's important here isn't sex, money, travel, friends, alcohol, or anything else that can trip us up... what's important is the hereafter. I don't want to screw up the hereafter. You only get one shot at it and you better do it right.