Monday, April 28, 2008

Audrey Caroline

I was looking at other sites and I read a Then Sings My Soul post about a family, the Smiths, who lost their little girl, Audrey Caroline. Their story will make you cry. It is so beautiful to read about their faith. Their blog is called Bring the Rain. Their story from beginning to end is posted on this blog. The family wrote a beautiful song about their daughter and created a YouTube video. It is so beautiful. Please visit their blog and listen to this beautiful song. I just cried and cried the entire time I watched this. The thing that impacted me most was how joyful they were to see their daughter. They have big smiles as they welcome her into the world although they know she won't be there for long. They celebrated her life although it wasn't very long at all. They have such huge faith. It is just unimaginable. I hope that if something like that happens to me or our family that I can have faith like that.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hi Sarah!
Tears and more tears about Bring the rain blog her blog is so sad love the slide show & songs on her blog I left her a few comments for her I cry reading every blog post of hers. Im glad to see that you also came to her blog.
Well have a great day with Anna

Overwhelmed! said...

How could you NOT cry while watching that video! Oh my goodness. Their faith just shines right through every part of that, doesn't it?

I'm going to check out their blog now.

Thank you for sharing.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness~ OK, I bawled!! HARD! What an amazing story...and all the Glory to Jesus! That is such a touching and moving story! Thank you for sharing! I watched the video before I read the story, and I was crying through the video~