Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful Spring Day

Yesterday, the 25th--I'm writing this after midnight, the sun came out for a few hours (ah, the joys of living in Oregon! Seriously, though... I love it here. Just not the rain!!!) Anyhow, I took that chance to take photos of Anna. It was gorgeous out (for those few hours)! I had realized that I hadn't taken new photos of her for a while. My digital camera is actually on my video cam, so it doesn't take that great of photos unless it's in great light. So, I took new photos of her and then broke out Photoshop to create a great collage. I love collages! I'll share all of the photos this Wednesday, but for now, here is the collage!

photo deleted by author

Today, April 26th, is supposed to be 70 degrees! Yay! Another sunny day in the midst of a thousand rainy drab ones! Thank God! I'm hoping we'll do something fun... go to the park, the zoo, OMSI... Hopefully something fun for Anna and us to spend time together.


beckyjomama said...

She is so beautiful!
You are Blessed!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hi Sarah!
Hey we shared the same weather on Friday! Rain and more Rain Then It cleared up and It was beautiful day outside. Well looks like you guys had some fun too outside I took my girls to a friends for a play date/lunch date .It was so much fun ! then after the rain the girls went out for abit. Well your little Anna looks so cute in pink love the pics of her
Hope you are enjoying the nice weather today It looks Awful here looks like more rain 8*(
Have a great weekend

Faithful Froggers said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and my son's website. I have been catching up on your posts and I have to say that your daughter is just beautiful! She looks like she is enjoying the beautiful spring weather! Enjoy it!

The bow is so cute in your FFF post! All of my boys were "bald" till about 15-18 months. But Allie has a head full of hair and it has been so much fun with the bows! :)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Love & FROG . . .

Lucy said...

Sarah --

I sent you two emails, but it seems maybe you aren't getting them. You won the BumGenius diaper at my website ( Please email me at matt at Thanks!


Sarah said...

Well, I woke up to snow! Yep, cold, and about an inch of snow. I can't believe our weird weather. MN even shut down an Interstate from weather...and other parts got so much snow for white outs! Crazy!

Enjoy your great weather!