Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't Let Her Chubbiness Fool You...

Anna is such a picky little eater! Argh! I wish I could get her to eat better. This has only started in the past few months. She will sit in her high chair and eat for maybe a couple of minutes (pick is more like it) and then she wants down! She self feeds. She has always self fed herself. We started with baby food at six months and she gagged and cried and gagged and cried so we started with things she could feed herself with and that has always worked with her. Until lately. Now she just prefers to nurse or drink milk (rarely) or water (rarely) but even more rare... she feeds herself. She seems to take a bite or two and then she wants down!

And so begins the era of picky toddler eating habits!!!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Boy have fun with her! lol Its never fun trying to make some thing that they will always eat you could also make it fun by putting different colour foods on the plate or set the food on the plate to make it fun for her!
Best of luck

Lisa & Gerald said...

We live is St.thomas Ont . Canada
thanks for trying to help with Hulu I was thinking about going bank on to see if there was a site
just for us Canadians lol

Lisa & Gerald said...

we must be a few hrs ahead of you here in Canada boy Im glad Im not waking you up out of bed its 8:00am here