Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ignited C|hurch Great Florida Healing Revival

7 AM Pacific and 4 PM Pacific time

Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida is having a Great Florida Healing Revival as we speak! My parents in law have been watching the live stream for days now. Hundreds of people have been healed and given their hearts to Jesus! My mom in law tells me last night they were praying for birth defects. It is so amazing! I know that just about everyone knows someone who needs healing. I wish I could take my nephew there. How amazing would it be to take my nephew to a revival and then return him to his parents speaking and with full mental capacities? So cool! :D Now if you can't make it down to Lakeland (although people have been driving there from all over the USA!) you can also send in your prayer requests via email at
To watch the live stream you can go to or you can go to (if this last one just leads you to the main page at UStream, then just search "Ignited." For more info, you can go to the Ignited Church's Website at


shan said...

It sounds intriguing, but I'd like to think that God can hear our prayers from everywhere, not just one specific church. I do know that we have so, so many praying for my girl it is PHENOMINAL! We're in Colorado by the way:)

Mz.Nessa said...

It is great to know we have a great God who loves us with all his heart and just like Shan said God can hear our prayers from everywhere at anytime he is just waiting for us to call on him trusting that he can do what we I will be praying for your nephew that Gods will be done...Remember its at his time though he is the only one that knows why things happen so Just have faith...=> Psalms 4

Milk Mama said...

Thank you Nessa and Shan! Our God is amazing and can definitely hear our prayers all over the world! ;) It's cool to see so many believers in one place waiting for a miracle, waiting on God. That's why I posted this.

Also, an update... my MIL went to this revival and was expecting a major neck surgery (which entailed removing her back bone!) and she was healed. The surgery was canceled. :) I'm going to post more when her story is shown on CBN (they are planning on it... don't know when that will happen, though)