Monday, May 12, 2008

Anna's Appointment

Today Anna had an appointment (not the big 18 month appt.... that's on the 20th), but she was 32 1/8 inches tall! She was also 25 pounds and 4 ounces. Her head circumference was 18 7/8 inches. She has slowed down quite a bit in her growth, but is still quite tall. I didn't expect for her to be over 32 inches already!


Sarah said...

WOW~ she is tall! I am anxious to see if Maddie will hit 20 pounds at her 15 month check. She is a runt, and short! She is my little miss cute stuff! :)

Glad to hear that Anna is healthy, and tall! :)

Frances said...

Hailie is 18 months old is taller than that! She's so thin though, just like her daddy.

Thanks for all your comments :)