Saturday, May 3, 2008

Win an Ergo Baby Carrier

Oh you know you want one... well so do I! That's why I'm putting this on my blog and letting you all know about it! I hope you all join the fun. Ergo makes the best carriers... seriously! Click Here to enter to win your own!

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Violet said...

My friend just got an Ergo for $25. It was amazing. She went into a consignment store and asked if they had one. The lady didn't know what it was so my friend described it as a "jansport backpack looking thing" because of the colors and straps. The lady was unpacking the recent things given to the story. She picked something up and said "You mean like this?" And sure enough, it was an Ergo! She was so excited. I got to try it out on her 7 month old, Gabe, was is a tank. It was so much better than the front carrier!