Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Wearing Contest

Thank you once again to Sarah at Sassyfrazz who tipped me off to another fun Mother's Day game. There are so many Mom's Day events going on in the "blogosphere" that it's just keeping my blog hoppin'!

Baby Sling Blog is sponsoring a great game to share your baby wearing photos for a chance to win a cute pair of Baby Legs. So here is my baby wearing photo. I didn't get to use my sling much longer after this photo because I have a Miss Chubbs for a baby... which wouldn't be much of an issue if I wasn't just barely over 5 feet 1 inches! LOL!


Danielle said...

HI! I am new here. Great blog. I won the baby wearing photo contest last month. I love that they are holding monthly contests. Your picture is amazing. best of luck and I hope you get some great baby legs!

Lori said...

Great photo. Thanks for entering the contest!