Friday, June 6, 2008

20% Off In June @ Rockin Momma

Bekah is offering a 20% discount on all pouch slings ordered in JUNE at Rockin Mama Baby Slings!

To see Rockin Momma's site go here:

So why order custom made? Bekah can create slings with your exact measurements. If you are short, tall, big, or small... Bekah can create a custom sling that's just right for you! I happen to be a smaller person. I'm just barely over 5 foot 1. Slings are often uncomfortable and practically hang to my knees. I had one for my daughter (the ones that don't adjust much) and my little girl was resting at my thighs lol. I didn't use that one much with my daughter. But with a custom made baby sling (had I had one at the time) my little girl would have rested right on my chest comfortably.

Here is one of her newest creations:

Stretchy wraps: $30
Wraps with a silk panel: $40
One layer: $25
Two layer/Reversible Cotton: $30
Two layer/Reversible Silk and Cotton: $40
Two layer/Reversible Silk and Minkee: $45
Rag Quilts, Depending on Size: $35-$80
Baby Fleece blanket: $30
Adult Fleece blanket: $75
Personalized Onesies: Size Small (0-3 Months)
With Initial: $10
With Design: $12
Matching Headband: $5
Add a pocket: $5
Add a key loop: $3

If you'd like to e-mail directly, Bekah's e-mail address is

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Kelsey said...

Oh great deals!