Saturday, June 7, 2008

Chesapeake Ribbons (Show & Tell)

Today I received 3 Adorable Chesapeake Ribbons Infant Clips in the mail! Anna looks so adorable in them! I am also happy to report that Anna has NOT pulled the clip out all day! She looks so cute and girly! I LOVE THESE CLIPS!!! They clip so easily to Anna's thin hair and stay in all day. It feels good to finally put girly clips in her hair! Thank you so much Margie!!!

I definitely suggest going over to Chesapeake Ribbons and checking out Margie's full line. She makes big poofy girly bows for the girl with lots of hair and adorable infant clips for girls like mine with very little hair and many more wonderful items! Margie also sells belts for boys and girls! They're a huge hit with parents with boys! Don't forget to check out Margie's blog, either. She is always holding great giveaways and contests. Margie is also due any day with her second baby, so wish her luck and congratulations!

Here's a slide show of photos of Anna in her new clippies! Isn't she darling??? :)


Margie G. said...

I LOVE the slideshow...thanks so much for the fantastic post :-)

Tracey said...

My daughter had the same sweater! And she was practically bald until only recently (she's 2 1/2) so I am RELISHING the pigtails and bows.

Glad you found some that stay in so well!