Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

I set up an appointment for today for marks on Anna's skin. It turns out she has mild eczema. Dry skin. Yup, she is officially MY DAUGHTER. She has inherited my dry skin! Argh! On the up side, she did not inherit daddy's greasy skin. That's a plus lol! She now weighs 26 pounds 4 ounces and she IS WEARING 2T CLOTHING!!! Yikes! She's getting tall! Just out of nowhere, she outgrew all of her clothes. She basically skipped over the 24 month clothing. There's an upside to that, too. Anna and Mommy get to go SHOPPING!!! :D Oh, yeah!


Sarah said...

What a cute picture of her!
I suffer from Eczema, I understand. So far, my three year old gets it now and then, too.

WOW! 26# and 2T! She really is growing up! Isn't this toddler stage fun??
Maddie is somewhere around the 19# range and 12-18 month clothes. I am thinking she will always be a peanut! She is almost 18 months, though! (on the 9th).

Kelsey said...

Have a blast shopping!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Have fun!

Leah said...

She is so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the excema...that can be so uncomfortable! 26 pounds...she has pretty much caught up with my Josh who is now 3...28 pounds...and still wearing 24 months. Ha ha. Hope you have fun shopping!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey Sarah!
Here In Canada we have JK for children age 4 then SK for children age 5 then Gr.1 Maria goes every other full days Tuesdays & Thursdays and every other Fridays

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

What an adorable little girl, LOVE her dress in that photo!

I also love the breastfeeding ticker, how adorable! My daughter will be 18 months in 3 days (ohmygoodness!) and she is still breastfeeding 2-3 times a day, what a wonderful bond!