Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 Pairs of Earrings for $5 Shipped!

I wanted to share this great deal where you can get two pairs of earrings for $5 shipped!!

Register on line at (elegant fashion jewelry) for a $10 gift certificate use code "NewCustomer" then apply for a promotional crystal earring at the same time. They will waive S/H. Reg. $14.95 ea. (75% discount) You can't use the free $10 off on the FREE pair of earrings--but they have just about the same pair in their regular Earrings section for $14.95--so here's the breakdown:

1 Pair of earrings for $14.95 (or up.. they have some pretty dangly stuff)
1 Free pair of Swarvovski Crystral earrings
- Free shipping
- Minus $10 promo code

Equals $4.95 for TWO pairs of nice earrings!

I didn't do this part, but someone else posted that you can actually get 3 pairs of earrings for $4.95. If you click on special promotions, there are earrings that are free with purchase of two other pairs of earrings. Apparently the free earrings count as a purchase because I was able to put the additional free pair in my cart and the total for all three came to $4.95.

After you click special promotions, click buy 2 get 1 free.

Anyways, this is totally legit and they want you to spread the news of their promotions. So if you do this, please put in the comment section that I referred you.

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