Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bringing Kellsey Home

Bid to Bring Kellsey Home

There are all kinds of auctions going over at Bringing Kellsey Home! Everything from baby quilts to baby hats to photo albums! Check it out!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thanks!!!! :o)

Violet said...

I have so been following her blog for a while now! SO excited they are going to bring Kellsey home! I hope I can help out soon (not sure the bid will work out for me as I have a wedding to be in and had to buy dress/shoes/etc.

Thank you for the encouraging words on my blog. It's true and I know it is...except I'm not so sure my Dad is "right with God" so to speak. I get random little things that let me know he THINKS about God/Christ a lot, and I know he BELIEVS in GOD but, he has not commited his life to God/Christ...and doesn't get the whole salvation, died on the cross, we are ALL sinners stuff. I try to show him Christ as best I can, and I think "staring death in the face" is making him soul search...