Thursday, March 12, 2009


My niece, Lily-Ann Brooke, is now 8 months old. I haven't seen any recent pictures of her. I wish I could. I'm trying to write them in Georgia and send a picture their way of Anna. I'd so love for the two girls to get to know one another. It's kind of frustrating that J. hasn't written me back yet. I don't know whether it's because she's been busy or if she just simply does not like me. Anyway, I would so love to be able to send pictures her way. And maybe a special letter as well. Something that could be tucked into her baby book that she could read as a young woman.

Perhaps Lily-Ann will do a Google search some day... you know, how you search for your name to see if it's unique?

So, if you're reading this in the future, Lily-Ann, do know that I've thought every day about you. You're a piece of me and I'm a piece of you. I love you. I want to know you, to hug you, to take you shopping with your cousin[s?], to kiss you, to tell you about me and your father Sean Tacy (I know your last name is not Tacy... I was informed that it was Payne when you were born... it may be different now).

You are so loved. I just wish I could tell you in person. Some day. Some day soon, I hope. I will tell you that I love you and that you were and are a prayer answered.

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Violet said...

I understand your pain being unable to have a relationship with sweet Lily-Ann. I know my situation isn't the same but, I did not get to see my nephew for about 3 months, then for the next 5 months it had to be a big secret from my sister. Now, I get to see him and my sister knows my Mom brings him to see me but, Oh how I wish I could just take him to the zoo, or for a play date with some of the kids I nanny, etc. I would love to have him overnight, snuggling in my bed with me, I can rub noses with him and tickle his chin when he wakes up in the morning.... Lets pray for one another, that the mothers of these babies will find Christ, and that they can recieve the love of Christ through us! Remember "God restores the wasted years". Remember everything he took from Job he restores 10 fold, and he will do the same for us.
And remember how blessed you are to have your very own little girl to squeeze tight and love on, to take shopping and to chuck-e-cheese. Pray for me as I try to patiently wait for my daughter (not to mention her father!!!)....

We HAVE to get together soon girl!!!