Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Back!

Well... let's see how to start today's blog! I'm sitting here just before midnight with class starting tomorrow at 8... STATISTICS! That's not too bad of a class. I just need to get to bed in time to keep from being really tired on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Today was kind of a terrible day emotionally. I'm not even sure why. I guess there are a lot of things stressing me. Money is one of them. We could always use more. Especially when you and your husband are students. I'm hoping to work this summer and at least have some fun with my family over the summer months. I haven't worked since before Anna was born, so that'll be new.

Another one is baby stuff. This is something I haven't been saying out loud too often, but EVERYONE is getting pregnant! I guess my biological clock is ticking away again. Either that, or perhaps I'm just feeling out of the loop. Anna is 3 now and I feel like I can't give her the attention (and fun!) that she desires. For that reason, I can't wait for her to start preschool. That'll be next autumn. We're hoping to get her into a sport this spring. We missed the deadline for Little Tumblers :( so perhaps soccer? Hopefully we'll get our returns soon!

Another one is thinking about our Master's (is there an apostrophe???) Degrees. Paul is looking at school in California... working for NBC Universal and going through their MA program there. That'll be fun, but impossible with a new baby. So... Anna might be eight before she gets a sibling. I guess that isn't too bad. At least eight year olds are self reliant.

Classes are going great. I love and adore my psychology classes. I can't get enough of them. This is the right fit for me!

I'll add a picture of Princess Day. Anna and I played in my wedding dress. She loved it! She said she was a princess! So, it was dubbed Princess Day!


Lisa & Gerald said...

Well hello,,Stop by my blog an award is awaitting for you...

Mama Bear said...

You are indeed an awesome mommy! It's always hard trying hard to think of what will be the best route for our preschooler's. Keep the chin up my friend, and sooooo proud of you all getting more schooling in.

Milk Mama said...

Thank you, Mama Bear. Now if you could tell me who are you? Your profile is protected.

cisco said...

so pretty