Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mutterings of a Tired Undergrad

Maybe I should title these posts after I write them. Sometimes I just write and have no real direction to go and I just GO there. We're doing fine. We've had some major hurdles concerning our financial aid that aren't really taken care of yet. :| I think Paul is just as stressed as I am. Today and yesterday we have argued way more often than we usually do. We actually don't argue too often, but I think we're just feeling this awful stress. I wish with all of my heart we could afford some sort of vacation. There are major drawbacks to going to college, sure, but I think that the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks. Right now there are days we just don't believe it. But logically thinking, we'll be able to afford more vacations post-Bachelor's than sans Bachelor's. Plus we'll be getting our MAs. I just need to take a breath. It sure would be nice to have a break, though.

As far as my education is going, I am immensely enjoying the psychology program! I love looking forward to my classes! I'm just afraid that my psych classes will keep having coinciding tests--ugh. The good news on that front is that I got a 98% on one of those tests and the next test I'm not sure yet. We'll get those results back next week. I think I'll be lucky to get a B. I was exhausted and my brain was mush by the time that second test came along and I struggled through it. I'm hoping I'm being my usual self--thinking that I did worse than I actually did. We'll see.

I think I'm going to take this time to sigh and hem and haw until I go to bed at around 3. Good-night.


Kortney said...

Oh Sarah, I wish I could send you on a vacation too. :( Money sure does make tensions high... I'm glad you're enjoying your classes though. Please keep me updated when the provost gets back to you!

Milk Mama said...

Thanks, Kort! I'll keep you updated. :)

Kortney said...

Oh, btw, I changed my blog domain so you may want to update your link list on the side of your blog. The new domain is

Milk Mama said...

OK! I updated it, Kort! I'm going to check out your bus blog! I haven't yet. :D