Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prayers For Sara

So far, I have no new news about Sara, but as I hear it, I will update.

These are prayers written for Sara...


Heavenly Father, you are an awesome God, I thank you for all we have, opportunities, health, children, thank you for giving your only child to teach us love and forgivenes and to have eternal life with You.


Lord, I ask at this time that you hold Baby Sara in your loving hands. Comfort her, I know you have the ultimate, the best, plan for all of us, please do not let this baby suffer. If there is a way to let her heal without suffering, please walk her through this. Please be with her family as well, comfort them as they worry about their daughter, sister, granddaughter, and the rest. Lord, also please lay your healing hands on the providers caring for her in the hospital. Help the doctors to know what to do for her, and the nurses and any others involved to give her comfort and provide the best possible care.

Thank you Lord, In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!!


Kelsey said...

I am still praying for her and the family!

Kim, Louisiana said...

I am still praying! Just can't get this family off my mind! I am so worried about the parents also! Sending Lots of prayers!

Kim, Louisiana said...

Just checking back in! I am new to your blog is the pix of your daughter and is that Sara?

Milk Mama said...

No, Sara is the daughter of my pastor's son. Not my daughter. My daughter is named. Anna. Nice to meet you, Kim!

Violet said...

I keep praying for little Sara