Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday 2008

Today, March 21, 2008 is Good Friday. It is also called Holy Day and Great Friday. Good Friday commemorates the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ at the Cross at Calvary. Because of Jesus Christ dying at the Cross, we have been given the gift and the choice to live for Him. If we choose to believe in His death and His gift of his life, then we can live forever with Him. As I write this I remember a few years ago when the Passion of the Christ came out. There was this big buzz about how it was antisemitic, but the truth is there is absolutely no antisemitism in the Bible. Nobody was responsible for the death of Christ at Calvary. Not Jews, not Gentiles, not Pontius Pilate himself. Nobody "killed" Jesus. Jesus chose to die at the cross for us. He had a choice. He is God! He could have asked God the Father to take him out of that situation, but he didn't. He didn't because he loves you and he loves me. He knew that his death at the cross would set us all free from our sins and we would all be with Him if we chose to believe in Him. Praise God for His gift to us on Calvary. Without it I couldn't call myself a Disciple of Christ.