Friday, March 21, 2008

Hubby's New Blog

Apparently I sparked interest from my hubby in my new blogging exploits. He came in here and signed me up for something called Add Sense then I talked him into making his own blog. Something that he can put his myspace blogs in and people might actually read. The poor guy. I really do feel sorry for him. He tries to tell me his computer stuff or science stuff and... well... it really does go through one ear and out the other. Most of the time I nod and I'm really good at reacting at the right time, too. On one hand, I'm thinking, Turkey Casserole would be delicious for dinner. Let's see, we have turkey, two cans of soup, broccoli, corn... what other veggies could I sneak in there...? MEANWHILE my hubby is rambling about computer components, the morons at such and such a company, they finally came up with a way to put this many kili-whatevers into a micro-something-or-other, and I read this thing on how to create a computer thingyblobber homemade... I'm great at saying, "Oh really? That's cool, honey! I can't believe they know how to do that!" Yup and they also discovered this thingy... MEANWHILE I wonder if we have enough time to go to the park. Anna hasn't gotten out of the house in days. She must be bored.
Long story short. He is, as we speak, making his own blog. I helped him come up with a name for his geekfest awesomeness computer rockin' blogger. Mom's Basement was taken unfortunately. I thought that would've been funny. So was North Bridge (he said that had something to do with computers and "They'd get it.") and so was The Man Cave by some 16 year old who hasn't used the website in three years if ever. Grr! That made me mad!
Even LONGER story short, we came up with Frenchfries and Harddrives. I must admit it's pretty darn creative. And he has me to thank for that. ;)
I'll post a link when it comes up. Now he has a place to vent and to commune with the others of his kind.
Hubby's blog is


Nen said...

Hello! Happy Easter! My boyfriend signed my up for the Google Adsense thing on my blog... and I've made a little over $30 in a couple of months! All you have to do is hope people will click on them! Good luck! I'll have to check out your husband's blog--might be something my boyfriend will like! Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter! (Your daughter is adorable!)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My husband caught the blogging bug, too!

P.S. I designed his blog! How cool is that?

Sarah said...

That is a fun name for a blog. My hubby wants to do a blog, too. He is loving all the free products we get with contests and reviews. He wants to win trains...he is a model train fanatic. We started a hobby store last year, we would like to advertise eventually, too.